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BA. English Language and Teaching

The degree in English Language and Teaching will pave the way for a hugely rewarding career, giving you exciting opportunities to work overseas, learn about other cultures and get to know people from all over the world. Through progression in this degree, you will explore the different motivations for learning a second language, the role of English in today’s world and the powerful techniques you can use when teaching. Studying English Language and Teaching at Metropolitan College considers the role of teachers, and the ‘specification’ for a good teacher, drawing on students’ own recent and current experience, progressing to theories on the best ways of learning and teaching and English as an international language.




3 Years


Assignments and Written Exams

Course Modules

Contextual Grammar
Advanced Reading and Writing
Listening and Pronunciation
Oral Communication
Effective Communication
Lexical Competence
English Literature
Introduction to Linguistics
Approaches to English Language and Teaching
Language Acquisition
Teaching Principles and Methods
Specific Teaching Methods
Teaching English to Young Learners
Teaching Four Language Skills
Language Testing & Evaluation
Classroom Management
Material Adaptation & Development
Practice Teaching/Internship

Entry Requirements

A Level – 2 Passes or Equivalent Qualification and good command of the English Language

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