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BA. Primary School Teaching (Top Up)

The Primary school teaching degree is structured to allow you to develop the skills required by primary teachers to teach the full range of National Curriculum subjects and to develop specific expertise for making a distinctive contribution to primary practice. It also prepares you to meet the needs of individual learners by developing your awareness of child development, diversity, special educational needs and disabilities. This program allows higher level teaching assistants or foundation degree-holding teaching assistants to take their careers a step further by building on teacher training experiences to gain a full honors degree and become an effective teacher with a mix of theoretical study and practical training




1 Year (Top up)


Assignments and Written Exams

Course Modules

Social Sciences Education and its Instructions
Nature and Environment Education
Drama Education
Music Education and its Instruction
Instructional Technologies and Material Development
Research Methods in Education
Inclusion Education in Primary School
Effective Communication
Physical Education in Early Childhood and its Instruction
Ethics in Education
Teaching Reading and Writing at Primary Level
Children’s Literature

Entry Requirements

Higher Diploma or a Recognised Level 5 Qualification and good command of the English Language

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